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Brandheswar temple

Tanjore: The home of Cholas

Tanjore or Thanjavur, can also be called as the home of Cholas. Tanjore is famous for its majestic architecture. You would get a numinous feel on looking at every sight. Tourist comes here in a large number to feel the elegance of the Bradheswara temple. The influence of Cholas and the breeze of nature would be spread all over the city. The main target of the tourist is the temple. People travel for miles to come here for worship. Tanjore also being called as the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu”. The flow of the Kaveri spread throughout this delta city and this is the source of the farming here.

History of Tanjore

Thanjavur is how it is being called as by the people. The word is derived from Tanjan which means Asura (giant). According to Tamil literature, Tanjore started to exist from the Sanga period i.e, the third century. Tanjore was well-known because of the great of the great emperor Raja RajaChola. He was the one who builds the great Bradheswara temple. During the 11th century, Cholas has flown high in the tomb of the city. After many wars, Tanjore went to the hands of many kings and finally to the British in 1855. British referred this city as the third largest city of the Madras presidency.


How to reach Tanjore

Tanjore railway station and bus stand are located in the center of the of the city. Almost trains from all cities run through the Tanjore railway track

Nearest Airport:

If your planning to fly to Tanjore then you go by Trichy. Since it has not launched its own Airport. From Trichy Airport you can reach Tanjore within one hour of time.


bradheshwara temple


Why you should visit Tanjore

The entire world amazed by the Architecture of the Bradheswara temple. It is said that even with the modern technologies it would take years to complete it. But Cholas made this within the 3rd century. This is the most important place that you should never miss visiting. The palace is now running as the museum just step into it and feel the ancients.

  • The lighthouse
  • Art gallery
  • Manimandapam
  • The zoological park

are the prominent places which no one come out without seeing.


Useful information that every traveler should know at Tanjore :

  • Tanjore is known to have a moderate weather. It’s better you carry a lot of cotton and comfortable clothes. Since during the day extreme heat is being felt.
  • If your planning to visit Tanjore just for the Bradheshwara temple then try to visit during Poornima (full moon day). Since very auspicious poojas will be done on that day.
  • Don’t go without filling your shopping bag without the Tanjore silk saree and the Tanjore thallaiyatiboomai( authentic toy).
  • Tanjore is the place where you get the authentic flavors of Tamil Nadu, especially the Sambar.
  • If you get into the countryside of the city you would get lost with nature and please take your camera with you to capture the amazing sites, just like i have taken below.



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