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An evening at Har ki Pauri

Ganga Aarti

Ganga Aarti at Har Ki Pauri

One of the most crowded tourist destination in India is Har Ki Pauri, where holy River Ganga flows in its purest form. It is situated in the Haridwar district of Uttarakhand Summer is the peak season for this place, Haridwar being on the way to Dehradun and Mussoorie, is the first stop for the tourist coming from Delhi. Where Har ki Pauri is famous for the  Ganga Aarti which is a rituals performed every day during sunset, people also come to take holy bath in the  River Ganga. Har ki Pauri looks very beautiful in the evening when the surrounding lights are on and its sparkling reflection are seen in the ferocious flowing Ganga.  An evening at Har Ki Pauri is worth enjoying and soothing to spent where all kinds of people like reach, very reach, poor and extremely poor all looks alike in the bank of holy river. I am trying to show a glimpse of Har Ki pauri view in the evening.


Har ki pauri
First view of Har ki Pauri

Just before the Ganga Aarti all the people are seen sitting on the Har ki pauri ghat. The volunteers standing on the bank guide the people and make them seat along the main ghat where Aarti is performed.

Crowed waiting for the Ganga Aart

Har ki Pauri has a center island where cloak tower is situated, center island is reached from either side through concrete bridges. it has two Ghats (bank) one is the main ghat where Ganga Aarti is performed while on the other side of the Ghat (bank), people are seen bathing in the holy river.

In the opposite side of the main Ghat we can see the Idol of Maa Gange behind which is the standing idol of Lord Shiva.

Idol of Ganga Mata

while volunteers busy in describing the rituals of Ganga Aarti to devotees sitting on the bank, many people take pleasure in making as many holy deeps in the Ganga as their wishes in mind.

Holy river bath

Volunteers calming the devotees while preparing for the Aarti.

Vendors selling flowers basket to be offered to river Ganga, a rituals  followed by devotees to worship the goddess.

Not much time had passed, we heard the jai jai of Maa Gange by the crowed with the hands raised in the air.

Ganga Aarti began with the loud sound of Jai..Jai..Ganga Mata..three pandits  were worshiping by showing the Aarti lights and offering the prayer to Ganga Mata.

Ganga Arti

Some people busy in bathing while aarti was going on.

Aarti is shown to all Ganga Temple in Har ki Pauri and all will be lit with Jyoti after the Aarti, the lighten temples creates a heavenly atmosphere enlighten every soul present over there.

After the Aarti some pandits are seen moving here and there with the Aarti thali  to offer blessing of lighten Jyoti and collect the offering from the devotees and tourists.


There are people designate to collect donations and offering by the tourist and devotees, these are made for the convenience of tourists and manage crowd.

Lighten Jyoti along with flowers and dhup kept in the baskets made of leafs are offered to river Ganga as worship to the kind Goddess.

The crowd on the center island of Har ki pauri disperses fast after the completion of Ganga Aarti, those who stay there for more time can enjoy the festive ambiance in the bank of holy river.



As the night becomes more darker the glowing lights of the Ganga Temples becomes more lucid and whole place illuminates with tranquility and enlightenment.

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