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Dal- Baati Churma My Favorite of Rajasthan?

Every state of India is known for its one or the other delicacy but few states of north and west are specially known for some its wonderful tastiest dishes that have become the symbol of their food habits. As Punjabis’s symbolize for Tandori Naan, similarly Rajashtani’s symbolize for Dal Baati. Rajasthan is known for its spicy food. Red chillis of Rajasthan is world famous for its flavor. It is an important ingredient of Tadaka masala here.

Among many food served in Rajshthan the top varieties are “Ker- sangria”, Mirchi bada, dal- baati Churma, Bajre ki roti etc. desserts like Ghevar, mawa- ki – kachori can never taste as tastier as in Rajasthan. But there is something in the natural elements of the Rajasthan that “dal- Baati” cooked here tastes completely different.

Rajasthani dal bati is nothing but ball of wheat flour dough baked in traditional stoves and served with Mixed- dal and chutney. It tastes distinct because of the pure – butter (ghee) in which the bati’s are dipped for long and they soak the ghee completely. Baati is not at all spicy with just added pinch of salt but the lentils served are a complete spicy treat with authentic Rajasthani spices including garlic, red- chili and ginger paste.

  • The best dal- bati churma in Jodhpur can be found in local dhaba surrounding the cities or “Nirali – dhani” in Chopasni, Jodhpur where a complete Rajsthani thali is served.
  • And, if you are in Jaipur “Choki – dhani” is a place to have dal -baati.


Basically, it is a loved dish in the winters to protect the body from the chills. Anyways it is one of the dishes which is a favorite of ever Rajasthani regardless where it is situated. Not to miss it is served with the churma which makes this dish more desirable and mouth watering. It is a sweet dish made by crushing the baati with sugar/jaggery and lots of ghee to taste.

The “Dal- Baati- Churma” combo is a complete meal to balance your sweet and spicy tastes.

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