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Travel mumbai with friends

Best Places to Visit in Mumbai With Friends

Mumbai– The Financial capital of India, Home to Bollywood, Fashion capital, serene sea, Iconic gateway of India, the sprawling night-life and travelista’s heaven, the fast-life destination covers and provides a complete package. Mumbai is a metropolitan city where one can never run out of place to wander. List of best places to visit in Mumbai with friends are given below:

1. Worli Seaface

The most popular destination around Mumbai is Worli Seaface which is situated at a distance of 13.4 Kms from Mumbai and is extremely famed for shooting bollywood movies. The Worli Seaface is open all around the day. You can visit with friends on morning or evening walk as it is the most ideal time to visit the destination. The place also welcomes more during the monsoon season.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Worli Seaface


2. Marine Drive

The Queen’s necklace is situated in South Mumbai and it is a long 4 Kilometer promenade. The Marine drive is situated at a distance of 25.2 Kilometre from the mainland Mumbai. Around the Marine drive, you can find bunch of restaurants where you can have taste of any food and snack and is advised to go with friends   as a must visit place in India with having a coffee and enjoying serene sea.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Marine Drive


3. Film city in Goregaon

The most popular for tourists coming Mumbai is to go filmcity. The place is located near the Borivali National Park. The place mesmerizes itself for the dubbed acts, clipping from several bollywood movies, sound experience, and light experience. There is no entrance fee to be charged at the entrance. The tours offered in the filmcity places to visit are are Studio tour, Dream tour and live show tour. The timings are 10:00 A.M. to 11:15 P.M.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Film city in Goregaon


4. Sidhivinayak Temple

Temple was constructed on November 19, 1801 and can be starting point for Mumbai visit tour. The location of Sidhivinayak temple is at Prabhadevi. For the perfect view of the temple, you should reach before 4:30 A.M so as to avoid long queues. You should also visit the divine temple during week days to avoid more crowds. With no entrance fees, the devotees can offer Ganpati any amount which suits them.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Sidhivinayak Temple

5. Aksa Beach

The beach is located very near to Malvani and also, it is very popular in the town Malad. The Aksa beach is situated at a distance of merely 36.6 Kms nearby Mumbai. The main advantage of this beach is that it has a mystical sunset. Also, it is very less crowded and you will finally have a place in Mumbai to have a serene and peaceful place to land on with friends to spend your vacation.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Aksa Beach


6. Chowpatty Beach

Famed for its market and food joints. Chowpatty beach is very popular among youngster and friends to visit. The beach is at a distance of 26.6 Km from the mainland Mumbai. You can also enjoy street food, Plays, horse ride, camel rides. The recommended food to taste are roasted peanuts, Mumbai fast food and spicy raw mango. Also, don’t forget to enjoy plays of ancient snake-charmers who show wonderful old antics to visitors.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Chowpatty Beach


7. Dharavi Slum

The largest slum in India and third largest slum in the world is a home to creative, inspired and impoverished people. It is a land of many multi-ethic, multi-religious people. The slum of Dharavi is located at a distance of only 9.7 Kms from Mumbai. The slum provides economy of $500 million to $1 billion and thus contributes largely in the economy of the state.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Dharavi Slum

8. Colaba Causeway market

The Colaba Causeway market which is also known by the name of Shahid Bhagat Singh road. You can find almost everything in the market from cheap roadside garments to Branded clothes in the showrooms. The timing of this market remains open from 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. The location of this market is in Army area at Nofra, Navy nagar in Colaba.You can shop at very reasonable prices with friend. Also, it is a food heaven for foodies who can taste awesome Sindhi, European and Parsi food.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Colaba Causeway market

9. Kanheri Caves

For the travellers who need isolation from the hasty life happening around, Kanheri Caves is the one of the best place to visit in Mumbai with friends around Mumbai. The amazing waterfall allures many travellers to go the cave.  Kanheri cave is located at a distance of 29.6 Kms from Mumbai. Also, the entrance fee for Indians is Rs. 5 while for foreigners; it is Rs. 100 per head. The timings are from 7:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. in the evening.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Kanheri Caves

10. Taraporewala Aquarium

The oldest aquarium in India is inhabited by freshwater fishes and gives life to many marine creatures with 400 species living in the aquarium. Also, you can find jelly fish contained in the semi-circular tank. The entrance fee for the adult costs Rs. 60, for children below 12 years, it costs Rs. 30. For government employee, the charges are fixed at Rs. 30 per head.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Taraporewala Aquarium

11. Essel World

If you are a 90 born kid, then you must surely be remembering the advertisement of Essel World which flooded Television during that tenure. In India, Essel world is the biggest entertainment park which welcomes 10,000 daily visitors. The timings are from 10:00 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. You can enjoy Ice skating arena, Monsters in the mist, bowling back street at most.


Best places to visit in Mumbai with friends
Essel World


So, What are you waiting for. Don’t become lazier and just plan a fun-filled thrilling trip with your friends to Mumbai and enjoy an awesome weather with fantastic best places to visit in Mumbai with friends.


Authored by Ramesh kumar

i am an engineer by profession and an avid traveler from past 5 years. I have keen interest on food, culture other than scenic beauty of places

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